Images of Advent

(Resource Pack 136) KEY STAGE 2 &3

VISUAL AID: Copy and download song ‘In the Beginning from ‘The Christmas Story’ on the Music Link of and invite the children to listen to the words.

Try to collect a selection of these hats and props and draw them one at a time out of the bag.

My thanks to Revd John Sinclair for the idea for this assembly.

The song tells us, that Jesus came to the world as a LIGHT (candle)

A light to guide us; a light to shine through us to see what our hearts are like...cruel or kind; unselfish or selfish; a light so powerful that no darkness could ever put it out.

He came in the form of a BABY. (shawl) The bible tells us that Jesus was the Word of God and he was there from the beginning of time, and the Word was God....and the Word became other words God became human. By becoming one of us, and one with us, he could help us to know him better, let us know how much he loved us.

I can explain this better by telling you a story about some geese. (see optional story below)

John the Baptist told us he came as a LAMB, (toy lamb)

To be sacrificed for us...put to death...the only one perfect enough to pay the price for all the bad we’ve done.

The ordinary people believed he came as KING. To rule over his people, and set up a new kind of Kingdom, a kingdom they wanted to be part of.

Some people today think he came as a POLICEMAN ...(policeman's hat) to set up law and order, and give us rules to keep. But in fact he agreed that in keeping only two of them, they were doing right. i.e. To love God and our neighbour (Jews on the other hand had thousands of rules which they expected people to keep).

The rulers saw him as a FOOL, (joker's hat) who was doing and saying things which made him their enemy...healing on God’s special holy day, and making himself out to be God.

Advent also tells us that Jesus will return to earth, and that we have to be ready to meet with him.

That he shall come this time as a THIEF (nylon stocking- put over head) that breaks into a suddenly and unexpected, that he’ll find people not at all ready to be his special friend.

The bible tells us he will also come as a JUDGE, (wig or black flat cap) who will know all about the good things and the bad things we’ve done in life. And many people will wish that they had been ready to meet with him face to face!

Summarise Matthew 25. 31-46 The Parable of the Sheep and Goats

See also my Youtube parable of the Sheep and Goats song

He’ll say to some.

I was hungry and you gave me something to eat!

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink!

I was a stranger and you made me feel welcome.

I needed some clothes and you clothed me!

I was sick and you looked after me!

I was in prison and you came to visit me!


When you did it for one of the least of these brothers and sisters you did it for me

I was hungry and you turned away from me!

I was thirsty and you weren’t bothered at all!

I was a stranger and you threatened me and picked on me!

I needed some clothes, you laughed at me, and went out to buy even more for yourself!

I was sick and you kept well away!

I was in prison and youwanted to do away with me!

Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these brothers and sisters, you did not do for me!


* The story of the Geese (optional)

There was a farmer who lived with his family in the Scottish Highlands.

One Christmas when his his wife and son were leaving the house to attend Christmas, he laughed at them, as usual, for believing such nonsense!

“How could God possibly become human and come to live in the form of a baby at Bethlehem. Why would he lower himself to become like us? It’s all nonsense!” His wife and son took no notice, and off they went.

The air was cold, and later it began to snow very heavily.

All of a sudden there was a very loud thump on his roof, then he heard more in his yard. He was alarmed!

Then he realised what it was that was causing the awful noise.

A flock of geese that had been flying low over his house had become very confused by the snowstorm

Stranded and unable to fly on, they couldn’t see where they were going, and they were slowly freezing in the icy air.

Then the farmer sprang into action; he wanted desperately to save them all.

He put on his coat and ran outside to open the barn door!

He opened doors and beckoned them in.

He tried to get round behind them and shoo them in.

He even ran into the kitchen and got some bread to leave a trail into the barn.

Each time he tried something new, they flapped their wings and fluttered away from him.

Frustrated he yelled out,

‘Why don’t they follow me?

Can’t they see that this is the only place where they can survive the storm? How can I possibly get them to follow me?

How can I possibly save them?

The only way would for me to become a goose! If only I could be one of them, I could save them.

They would follow me in, and I could lead them all to safety!

Suddenly he realised what he had said,


Then at last he understood God’s plan for the world.

He fell on his knees in the snow and worshipped God.

This is what Christians call THE INCARNATION.