Resurrection Cards

(Resource Pack 117 ) KEY STAGE 3 &4

These cards are useful for directing the children’s thoughts on the question of the Resurrection, in assembly or even in an RE lesson.

The cards have common arguments against the Resurrection on one side, and the answer on the front.

This assembly could also be linked to the Clown assembly, and the munching of daffodil petals. See pack 88 for information


I have also, during a Resurrection talk, had a clown with an umbrella wander into the room and out again, while everyone has looked on amazed.

After the clown has gone, I make the point that we all saw the clown, but we would all have different tales to tell about what actually happened or what he was wearing.

Similarly, the gospel stories which tell of the resurrection are also different accounts. For me it makes it all the more true.

If someone had invented this story, the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John would have been identical.