Direction in Life

(Resource Pack 120) KEY STAGE 3 & 4

VISUAL AIDS: Pack or poster of ‘Road Signs’ and song ‘I am the way’.

Either teach this song ‘I Am The Way’ Track 12 ‘Giving It All To You’ by Sheila Hamil.

(Free download from Music Link )

. . . or allow the children to reflect upon it.

I wrote this song in response to a questionnaire given to Year 8 pupils in an RE lesson, some years ago.

One of the questions was, ‘What do you fear most?’

Most of them had ‘The Future’ as their answer which prompted me to write this song.

Jesus said, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life…

He is our hope for the future, as we place our trust in him.

Also in this pack, is a set of Road Signs, which come with ‘Lessons for Life’ on the back, so that children

can guess what lesson in life each sign gives us.