I've Seen The Star

I’ve Seen the Star!

An American senator once told this story:

‘In our house it is the custom to open our gifts on Christmas morning. We have four children, and they know that sometime during the night Santa Claus will call and leave a pile of presents under the Christmas tree, which stands in the living room.

We also have an important rule, which states that the first child to awake must arouse the rest of the family. No one is allowed to go into the living room until the rest of us can accompany them.

One Christmas our youngest daughter, who was then aged seven, burst into our bedroom at 4.30 a.m., her face radiant with excitement, breathlessly crying,

“Daddy! Mummy! Daddy! Mummy! Get up! Get up! Come quickly! Come quickly!”

We wiped the sleep from our eyes. I looked at my wife. We knew what happened. The rule had been broken! Our seven year old had discovered the bicycle she had been waiting and longing for. Somehow we felt cheated and disappointed, but since it was Christmas we didn’t say anything to her. We got up and woke everyone else up.

With all the family following, she led us along the corridor, down the staircase, and into the darkened front room towards the eastern window.

She passed the Christmas tree without even a glance, completely unaware of the bicycle and the rest of the Christmas presents which she hadn’t seen. She reached the window, and pointing her finger towards the eastern sky said,

“Look! The Star! The star of Bethlehem!” I’ve seen the star!”