Harvest (The Wind and the Sun)

Harvest: The Wind and The Sun (Resource Pack 69 ) KEY STAGE 1 &2

Visual Aids: Sun and wind mask (with clouds) and raincoat, with words inside it, such as ‘me, mine, I , selfishness, arrogance, greed’ etc.,

We need to support our brothers and sisters around the world who are less fortunate, and the only way this can happen if the compassion of God touches our lives and opens our eyes.

For reasons why we celebrate Harvest, see the same assembly page in my free assembly book, ‘But It’s Only Nine o’ Clock In The Morning’.

Act out the Wind and Sun poem, using volunteers to wear the masks and the raincoat, as the Narrator reads the poem. Explain that raincoat represents our selfishness.

Just like the wind blowing fiercely, we are challenged to give, to be kind and serve others, and we don’t like it. We only think of ourselves, and we pull the raincoat more tightly round us.

It’s only when God’s love like the sun warms us, that the raincoat falls to the ground. We begin to care.

Suitable music: Sometimes I wonder (Out of the Ark music: Songs for Every Assembly)

The Wind and the Sun: INSTRUCTIONS

Out came the sun

Resplendent each ray

Such brilliance, such warmth (sun stretches, feels proud)

‘Twas a splendid new day.

Then up rose the wind

Determined to play

And wreak havoc and blow (wind fast moving and mischievous)

the young clouds on their way.

‘Pon my word,’ said the sun

‘You don’t seem VERY strong

I’ve seen much fiercer winds ( sun mocks the wind)

Than you, don’t get me wrong.’

‘What rubbish, what lies’

Said the wind to the sun

‘And I’ll prove it to you (wind is very annoyed)

Before this day is done.’

‘There’s no competition’

Said the sun, ‘I am stronger (sun shows off)

I’m bigger, I’m broader

My rays are much longer.’

It was at this point

Way down on the plain (enter man, looking above for spots of rain)

A man was out walking

Expecting some rain.

‘Let’s see who is stronger

Watch this man with a coat, (wind points to man, and rubs hands with glee)

Whoever removes it (sun looks shocked)

Of course wins the vote.’

‘So I’ll go first,’ said the wind

‘And he blew and he blew.’

But the man just got colder (wind blows very hard)

And his goose pimples grew. (man shivers)

He huddled and shivered

To keep himself warm (man pulls coat around himself)

Pulled his coat further to him

To keep out the storm.

More fiercely, wind wheezed (wind is desperate)

More tight, the man gripped (man pulls coat even tighter)

In the end all exhausted (wind collapses)

His victory slipped.

‘Stand back’ smiled the sun

‘I’ll find this quite easy, (sun steps forward looking really smug)

His coat is too thick

I will make him feel queasy. (man feels uncomfortable)

I will burn, I will shine

My task to complete ( man gets really hot)

He’ll frizzle and fry as

I turn up the heat.’

The man soon responded (man loosens coat)

He loosened his coat

And it fell from his shoulders (sun is delighted and celebrates)

All people take note!

With the wind came resistance, ( wind moves sadly away)

Too harsh and too cruel

And the powerful sun (sun shines powerfully and even more brightly)

Made him out as a fool.