Forgiveness (Saying Sorry)

(Resource Pack 23) KEY STAGE 1 &2

VISUAL AID: Shocking pink, bird puppets. (a marionette and glove puppet)

( both enter on stage, from opposite sides; as though they are children coming into assembly and they dance individually while the script is read over pop music: Blue.)

Two children once went into the assembly hall to pray………And this is how one of them prayed:- (marionette bird strolls in)

I’m GOOD, I'M GREAT there’s no-one quite like me,

Look around at all the others, and you’ll see,

They’re LAZY, THEY'RE SELFISH, they tell tales all day long,

And I cannot be faulted for I never go far wrong.

And so he continued………

I’……m PERFECT, SO CHEERFUL, a pleasure to have around

I work just as requested and I never make a sound

He’s MESSY, untidy, his work is such a STATE,

And mine is simply perfect, and my homework’s never LATE.

And so he continued……..

I……. give my money to the poor, I give them what I can,

I say my PRAYERS AT NIGHT-TIME and I am your biggest fan God

But I’m pleased I’m not like him, always in a MESS,

And what I am about to say, you’ll never GUESS

And so he continued

He’s not been in the good book

Not seven times like me,

So am I getting through God?

Aren’t you pleased …. You’ve got a son …. Like me?

The other boy would not even raise his eyes to heaven, but he hung his head in shame and whispered…….

Oh God, I just can’t help myself at times……. I’m so sorry!

As you watch them leave the assembly hall, ask yourself, which one of these two found forgiveness in the eyes of God?

Luke 18. 9-14