Let’s Talk It Over Instead

Why don’t politicians talk things over?

‘Sheila, why can’t adults talk their problems over instead of fighting? They tell US to do this and don’t do it themselves.’… said a child to me shortly before the war took place in Iraq. So let’s imagine a conversation between Saddam and President Bush on the subject of war. What would they say? If we take a deeper look at reasons for war, we see there are far bigger issues at stake. There is such a need for a real justice in this world where rich get richer and poor get poorer.


Well Mr President if you're asking me why all the animosity, why the frustrations and what it is that we have found the most difficult and discouraging about you and your country? Well… the UN inspectors search our country for our weapons of mass destruction, but amazingly not your laboratories, your nuclear arsenal, not your stash of state of the art weaponry. It's mammoth! Look at how much profit you have made over the years, selling arms and sophisticated instruments of torture, which you and Great Britain have sold many times over to under-developed countries and to our enemies. Look at your support for Israel. They have pushed our brothers and sisters off their own land and they've slaughtered thousands of them in the past, denied them their rightful homes. Not only that, you have corrupted the world with sleazy, violent films and television programmes, and with the computer games you have produced! You allow your children to watch all kinds of evil, you have poisoned their minds!. No wonder you have problems with violence on your streets.

You grow rich and fat at great cost to the poor and disadvantaged of this world, and you can't even cancel the debt they owe you. Fair trading? No way!

No wonder our own children rise up to despise and disrespect you.

You have wealth and great power and you don't use it wisely, we feel that you only ever act in your own interests…AND you see us as enemies because we are Muslim and not BORN-AGAIN Christians, like yourselves.


Thank you for that Saddam, for putting that so nicely and so succinctly.

Now I'm beginning to see why you hate us so much. You think that WE are the oppressor! But it's frustrating for us too, you see.

We try to stand alongside Israel in establishing peace, but every time we take one step towards it, your freedom fighters, whom WE call terrorists, set off another suicide bomb or toss a rocket over, and the peace process is forced to take two steps back.

We're frustrated because you don't seem to want peace, really. Do you? You just want to rule the entire world, and we can’t let you do that. And never mind what we feed into our children’s minds, what about yours growing up with the role models you produce!

We feel extremely vulnerable at present, especially since 9:11.

We don't want any more annihilations, that is why we want to act before you do. There is simply a deep lack of trust on our part. It is well known that you have even attacked people of your own country with chemical weapons. They don’t exactly love you do they?

The chances are that you're gonna react like this against us too, given time!

All you have to do to avert World War Three is just be honest with us.

Just tell us what you 've done with those weapons of mass destruction!

Besides we question the mind of someone who at the click of his fingers could wipe out millions of people?

We just wouldn't just go ahead and do something like that…although, come to think of it, we did in ‘45…..


But how can we talk peace without justice?


How can we talk justice without peace?

Comment: We have ALL sinned, and we have all fallen short of the glory of God…. (Romans 3:23) …Have we not? WE ALL NEED TO REPENT AND WORK FOR REAL JUSTICE AND PEACE IN THE WORLD....and make this a better world for everyone!