Zacchaeus as a Firework

Zacchaeus: Family service children's address

How hated by everyone was Zacchaeus, there up in the tree away from the crowd.

He was deemed a cheat, a collaborator; he was unpopular, unloved.

Along came the Light of the world who goes straight up to him like a lighted taper, and his life is dramatically changed.

These same things which put others off, did not hold Jesus back from respecting and caring for him. Jesus' love was and is unconditional.

It looked to others that Zacchaeus was a damp squib, until Jesus lit up his life and made him sparkle.

If we described ourselves as fireworks I wonder how we would see ourselves.


Catherine wheels?

Roman Candles?

Sparklers ?


Diamond shower?

Storm clouds?

Traffic lights?


And why?

But it's not until we're lit is it, that our true identity and potential is evident

Zacchaeus became the most beautiful firework, his was a repentant heart, he so much wanted to make amends, returning money to those he had cheated four times over and giving half of his possessions to the poor. Jesus made it possible for him to do this.

The crowd had written him off, Jesus didn't

What we are called to be as Christians though, is something more than just fireworks, we are called to be lighted tapers just like Jesus was (one in every box nowadays-an essential).

Lighting up the true potential of others, loving them into the kingdom of God.

Jeus had done this with Zacchaeus- the crowd had not.

When we come before God at the end of time, what will he say to us when we tell him how many committees we sat on; how many years of service we did as church stewards

how often we came to church;

how many times we served at the altar.

We may find him saying 'Who did you bring with you?

Whose light did you light?'

Then perhaps he will help us to see times in which we have judged others as damp squibs, and written them off, when they really could have had light from our hands to light their way?