Deal or No Deal


. . . A Christmas Message (Resource Pack 148) Key Stage 2 & 3

‘Deal or No Deal,’ is a game show played out on TV, in the UK. On this well-known show a person is invited to open boxes, inside of which there are cash prizes, which can be anything from 1 penny up to £250,000. You will need 11 card boxes,. Each will have a number on the front, (1-11) and each will have a prize description on the undercover of the lid. i.e. 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20, 50p. (in blue) and also £1, £2, £3, £4, and £5 in red. These are hidden away from view, beneath the lid. The amounts may also be shown in blue and red on a large chart or whiteboard, so that the audience can see which prizes are being deleted, as the game goes on.

10 children are chosen to hold the boxes, and not peep inside! A volunteer will be chosen to play the game , but his volunteer needs to be a mature older child, who understands fully that all they could win is 1p, so they must be warned not to be disappointed. Any cash prize would be given to the head teacher to pass on to the child’s parent at the end of the day, and not to the child d1irectly. The head can always help you select a suitable child beforehand.

The volunteer will also, during the game, be tempted by the banker occasionally when the phone rings so, a toy telephone is needed to get in touch with the banker. Mime the sounds of a ring 'Brr Brr'. This mystery voice will offer less money than the large amount on offer.

You really have to know this game to be able to play it. If you come from a country where this game is not on TV, there may be some other similar game which may be adapted to fit.

Have a fun time playing the game first!

This is the explanation which follows the game.

I once saw a man turn down £26,000 in a gamble with the banker in Deal or No Deal because he hoped to win far more. He ended up with £1, and was crying with disappointment. NOTHING IS EVER CERTAIN in this world…but the one thing that actually is CERTAIN, can be found, not in this game box, but in this little box…(hold up and point to a manger with the baby Jesus in it) we are shown a special baby who came to tell us about God's love for a world in need.

Listen to these words:

Born in the night Mary's child, a long way from your home:

Coming in need, Mary's child, born in a borrowed room.

When a person plays this game their emotions are all over the place. The audience usually feel the emotions with them:-DOUBT, CONFUSION, DREAD, WORRY,DISAPPOINTMENT…But in this box...(hold up and point to a manger with the baby Jesus in it) is one who would be known as THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. An elderly lady, listening to some carols was once heard to say, “I’m not alone anymore!” That’s the effect of light in darkness! Listen to these words:

Clear shining light, Mary's child, your face lights up our way;

light of the world, Mary's child, dawn on our darkened day.

The best gift on offer here is ‘£5’ (£250,000 on TV) But here, in this box (hold up and point to a manger with the baby Jesus in it) is God’s best gift to us, Jesus who, through his death, was sent to save us from SIN and DEATH (Explain what a Saviour is~ one who rescues us~ from a pit and helps us to stand on a rock) Listen to these words:

Truth of our life, Mary's child, you tell us God is good:

prove it is true, Mary's child. go to your cross of wood.

Money doesn’t last, we soon forget the pleasure it buys for us…But this gift (hold up and point to a manger with the baby Jesus in it) is Jesus~ he is a FOREVER GIFT,’ THE HOPE of everything good to come, the HOPE of the world. Listen to these words:

Hope of the world, Mary's child, you're coming soon to reign:

king of the earth, Mary's child, walk in our streets again.

Few people get the chance to play this game, ‘Deal or No Deal’ and when they do they may gamble and lose everything.

Christians believe that anyone can receive this gift (hold up and point to the manger with the baby Jesus in it) and they get to keep Jesus for all eternity. We just have to ask .

Come into our hearts Lord Jesus, and make this house your home. Fill it with your light, your truth, and a sure hope this Christmas. Amen

Words & Music: Geoffrey Ainger© 1964 by Stainer & Bell Ltd. (admin in the US & Canada by Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, IL 60188).