A 'Disabled's' Beatitude

A time to rest Mary and Martha

Amputate it

Anger in the temple

Ascension Day and Worship

Baptism of Jesus

Baptism of Jesus cf Sunday Night at the London Palladium

Bishop Kivengere and The Way

Blind Bartimaeus Bible Sunday

Born Again

Bread of Life

Bubbles and Reconciliation

By what authority

Calming of the Storm

Calming of the Storm 2

Caught in the Act of Adultery and Ash Wednesday

Christ King and Lord

Clean and Unclean

Closed doors

Courage... Peter Walks on Water

Crafty Steward

Cursing Stone and Cornerstone

Da Vinci Code

Dead fish go with the flow

Dishonest Accountant

Do not worry

Dominoes and John the Baptist

Eagle in the barnyard Peter Jairus and the woman

Even John the Baptist had doubts

Faith as in Football

Famous last words

Feeding of the Five Thousand

Feeding the Multitude

Firework display ~ birth pains tribulation Jerusalem

Give to Caesar

God still loved the Priest and the Levite

I am the Way

I never knew you

If you were arrested for being a Christian

Jairus approaches Jesus

Jenga and the Stones of the Temple

Jeremy Clarkson

John the Baptist Advent

Jairus approaches Jesus

John the Baptist Master of Ceremonies

John the Baptist

King of Kings


Magic Eye

Musical pause ~ Gennasaret

Nervous Nicodemus

Nicodemus by night

One Solitary Life

Samaritan woman ~ game of tennis

Signs of the End of the Age

Simeon and Anna

South American Beatitudes and Love

Storm at Sea~an interregnum looms up

Teachings from Moses and the prophets

Temptations of Jesus

The Anointing of Jesus

The Apprentice sermon~to accompany drama of the same name (see drama link)

The Bad Shepherd

The Birth of John the Baptist

The Catch of Fish

The Crippled Woman

The Greystoke Christ

The Oldest Vine in the Country

The Paralysed Man

The Phone Booth and the Beatitudes

The Pointing Finger

The Rich Young Ruler

The Temptations in the Wilderness

The Transfiguration and Peter Pan

The Unjust Judge

The Way, the Truth, the Life

The Woman Caught in the Act of Adultery



Transfiguration ~ Catbells

True Vine

Was Jesus a Geordie...Peter's mother-in-law healed

Water into Wine

Way Truth Life

Whoever welcomes you welcomes me

Without wine there is no joy

You will be my witnesses

Zacchaeus as a Firework