David and Goliath: 1 Samuel 17 (to the tune ‘Marching through Georgia’)

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Lyrics and Chords” 1st capo C Intro: Dm / G / C (F C)


David came with food one day,


to the Valley of Elah,


looking for his brothers

Dm G

Who were fighting in a war.


And as he neared the battle scene,

C Am

saw men afraid to fight,

Dm G C

challenged by the giant Goliath. Dm G C (F C)

When David heard,

he made his mind up there.

“I’ll fight him as

with lion and with bear!”

And so they put some armour on him,

but it was no use!

Instead he faced the giant without it.

Taking up his staff,

he chose five pebbles from the stream.

Then with sling and stones in hand

approached the Philistine!

And as he looked upon the lad,

could not believe his eyes!

“He’s just a BOY!” hissed Goliath.

“Am I . . .a dog,

you come to me with sticks?

Come here, my lad,

I’ll cut you into bits.

I’ll give your flesh up to the birds,

and beasts will eat your bones.

How dare they send such a weakling!”

“Here you come with sword and spear,

and javelin as well!

But I’m here in the name of God,

The Lord of Israel,”

said David, “I will strike you down,

and I’ll cut off your head!

The world will know

the Lord God of Israel!”

“For we are saved,

by neither spear or sword.

We’re saved because

the battle is the Lord’s!

Your army will be food for birds,

and beasts will eat your bones.

Mighty is the Lord God of Israel!”

Goliath moved in closer now,

his face an angry red.

David slung his little stone,

which struck him on the head.

Then David took the giant’s sword,

made sure that he was dead.

Now who’s afraid of Goliath?

“Hurray ! Hurrah!

Who is this brave young man?”

said Saul the King,

“go find out if you can!”

They brought before him Jesse’s son,

the lad from Bethlehem.

Everyone knew God was with him!

Repeat the last chorus

© words Sheila Hamil 2011