Moses and The Ten Commandments

Artwork: Sheila Hamil

What would a game of football be like without any rules at all? Would the game be fair? more violent? more satisfying? more exciting?

Might it be dangerous? Who might feel uncomfortable watching it?

The most important event in Moses’ life was surely receiving God’s Ten Commandments, or rules, on Mount Sinai. Humankind has lived by these laws ever since!

These laws have shaped and guided us, and prevented people being hurt. We need rules to live by, so we can live our lives in safety and peace.

  • What would our world be like without rules?

  • Many people throughout history have dreamed of a perfect world, some people called such a world, ‘Utopia’ (an imagined perfect place) Describe what your Utopia would be like.

  • It’s good to learn these commandments so that we can try to live by them. This song is a way to do that.

Why not make up a Circle dance to the instrumental parts, and invent hand/body movements to the word parts of the song.

Have fun working it out before you begin the music.

Invent a game to help you remember the Ten Commandments

12 Moses and The Ten Commandments :

Exodus 20. 1-17

( to the tune ‘I’ll tell me ma’)

TEN ~ Don’t envy.

NINE ~ Don’t lie.

EIGHT ~ Don’t look around with thievin’ eyes.

SEVEN ~ Be faithful.

SIX ~ Don’t kill.

FIVE ~ Honour parents: show good will.

FOUR ~The Sabbath is a holy day

Six days work now it’s time to play

THREE ~ TWO ~ ONE ~ are all to do

with loving God ‘cos he loves you.


THREE ~ respect God’s holy name

TWO ~ no idols be your shame

ONE ~ no other God obey

Let these laws guide you today.


Repeat the whole song

© words Sheila Hamil 2011