The Apprentice~ Good Shepherd

John 10.11-18 ‘I am the good shepherd,’ said Jesus

This is my favourite drama, and is based upon the TV programme of the same name, ‘The Apprentice, with Sir Alan Sugar. It’s a very popular annual TV show at present in the UK.

The theme behind it, is based upon John 10.11-18. The Good Shepherd.


The stone that was rejected by you the builders, it has become the corner-stone!(Acts 4.11)

(Sir Alan Sugar and his two assistants are sat at table, as the team leader and two members of his team walk in and sit down in front of them. The one on his right is the Good Shepherd, the other is a hired hand.)

Sir Alan: OK, I set everyone a very simple task, of looking after a herd of sheep, so that my company would get the top price for each one of them. Your team (To team leader) was the one that failed miserably.

You’ve brought me back the two members of your team that you feel let the others down. What have you got to say as team leader?

Team Leader: I think we had a really good team…

Sir Alan: Wrong! Five sheep dead? Ten missing! You call that good? Whose fault was it?

Team leader: These two were both to blame!

Hired Hand: It wasn’t my fault! (team leader and hired hand argue) I didn’t do anything wrong! I just did what anyone would have done.

Team leader: No you were irresponsible. You ran away! You disappeared and no-one could find you! Sheep are dead and missing because of you!

Sir Alan: Enough! I’m not listening to arguments. What other problems did you come across?

Team Leader: Well first of all, these two just didn’t quite see eye to eye.

Sir Alan: Didn’t see eye to eye, that’s an understatement! They were poles apart! They were pulling in opposite directions. What else?

Team Leader: Well this one acted really strangely when you sent the wolf in.

Sir Alan: (discusses with assistants) Yes what do you think you were you doing?(to the Good Shepherd) You were SEEN lying down on the job! What was that all about?

Hired Hand: If I can come in here Sir Alan, he told me he was lying down, so the wolf would eat him instead of the sheep! (giggles)

Sir Alan: I don’t believe that for one second, and don’t try and make him seem stupid, because but we couldn’t see your heels for dust!

Hired hand: Well Sir Alan at least I didn’t let myself get emotionally involved like he did!

Sir Alan: What do you mean emotionally involved?

Hired Hand: Well the sheep were just numbers to me, but HE began learning all their names, which took him most of the day and then they began following him everywhere, which slowed the job up!

Sir Alan: Now I’ve heard everything,( to the Good Shepherd) what was the point of all that, eh? We haven’t heard from you yet, what have you got to say?

Good Shepherd: I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. I know my sheep and my sheep know me.

Sir Alan: Oh so you think you’re GOOD do you? Look, I make decisions like that, not you! I haven’t got time for arrogance. My big question is ‘Were you in control of the situation?’ No, I don’t think so, and you were wasting time!

Hired Hand: In no way did I waste your time;

Sir Alan: Shut up, I’m talking! I’ve lost good money because of you! Why should I hire you and not him. What part did you play?

Hired Hand: Well my motto’s always been ‘He who lives and runs away, lives to fight another day!’ I tell it as it is! He’s not going to survive in this business if that’s what he was really doing: he wasted time, and was forever trying to do above and beyond what was asked of him. He’s a dreamer, I’m rooted in reality.

Sir Alan: And you, (to the Good Shepherd) why should I choose you and not him?

Good Shepherd: The hired hand does not care for the sheep like I do. I lay my life down for the sheep in order to take it up again. No-one takes it from me, I lay it down of my own accord. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it up again.

Sir Alan: You’re talking in riddles again. ..Right, I’ve made my decision! One of you has to go.(pause)

You! (to the Good Shepherd) I don’t think you were trying to ‘give up your life’ when the wolf came, as you claim. I think you were having a kip, in my time, and I don’t believe you know the sheep as well as you say you do. All their names? I VERY MUCH DOUBT IT! I’ve got no room for liars in my company. It’s bad for business!

And you, (to the hired hand) you’re a big coward; you lost my livestock… but I like your arguments. You’re a lot more ruthless and you’ve got common sense. You’ll go far in the world. You’re OF this world! You’re a survivor. I ‘ve got to get rid of one of you, so which one is it going to be? (pause)

It’s going to be the lightweight one! (to the Good Shepherd) You’re FIRED!

(As the Good Shepherd walks out and down the aisle, he looks at the ‘audience’, and begins to recite each of their names as he points to them. )