Orchestral Harmony

1 Corinthians 12

(Actors do the best they can to come dressed as the Musical Instruments they portray, using strings, head pieces, cardboard rolls etc., They stand in a long line so each can be seen by the audience)

What a beautiful world we would have if only we learned to unite, communicate, and share our skills.

FLUTE: To be a flute is to be cute and to toot-le-toot all day long.

CELLO: To be a cello~ one needs to sound mellow~ that’s me bright fellow!

BASS: To resonate like a bass is ace!

GUITAR: Ah but if you are a guitar~ then you’re a star!

SINGER: Well then, why is it all rejoice at the sound of MY voice? (Tra-la-la!)

PIANO: (in a strong dialect) You all couldn’t much do wi’out my piano!

(All look along the line , down their noses at him, and turn back to face audience)

FLUTE: Piano, you did not speak in rhyme as we did rhyme!

CELLO: T’is silly not to follow, hard to swallow!

BASS: Why did you not you silly clot?

GUITAR: Yeah, fall in line every time!

SINGER: Yes, be like us, don’t make a fuss!

PIANO: I’m not the same as all of thee!

Can stand alone quite easily.

Don’t have to huff or puff or strum,

nor squeal nor pluck for sound to come.

FLUTE: Then we’ll be heading for a fall...when it comes to curtain call.

CELLO: If you think you’re better than us all!

Piano: Have you listened to yourselves recently?

BASS: To play as one, we should be a group!

GUITAR: So come now, don’t be a party poop!

SINGER: He thinks he’s the only one who is ‘BONA FIDE’...(to rhyme with ride)

Here comes conductor...We’ll let him decide!

(All puff themselves up to look important, and they play a short piece using their own voices. This will have to be done by those who can actually play the various instruments. Not a mean feat!

The beauty of this drama, will be the beautiful sound they will all produce by playing and harmonizing together.)


The same breath flows through the flute, the trumpet, the cornet; the same hand plays the guitar, the bass, the violin, and piano, and beautiful sounds are produced; all complementing each other, according to the different instruments being played. If not controlled by the conductor, there can be chaos.

So too, the same Spirit moves and works in each of us to achieve a perfect harmony with one another. We are meant to move as one with God being glorified through us, according to our different gifts and personalities, temperaments and strengths.

But we all must keep our eyes on the One who conducts for the best results.

Each of us must seek the will of God, and try to fulfil that task which God has set us to do, for His glory and for the benefit of others, and do our very best to maintain unity, peace and harmony with each other...