There Is A Voice In Ramah' Rap


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12' There Is A Voice In Ramah' Rap ( Matthew 2. 16-18)

I'm feelin' aggravated and so infuriated,

The wise men said they'd come back and they lied.

They promised that they would, when I told them that they should.

When I get my hands on them, they're gonna DIE !

And now I got the hump, in my throat there is a lump,

And I'm so devastated I could cry.

It's all been fabricated.

That a king has been created?

Is this just another star up in the sky ?

But what if it's all true, this has come out of the blue,

What a big, almighty fuss this babe has made.

My scribes were never faster to premeditate disaster.

If I let him live he'll put me in the shade !

So I'll have him expurgated and then annihilated,

And I'll be liberated only then,

If all children two and under,

By the sword are cast asunder,

In the pestilential town of Bethlehem.


"Go !" There is a voice in Ramah,

"Go !" Wailing and loudly lamenting,


"Go!" It is Rachel weeping,

"Go !" Weeping for all of her children.

A E A B7 E

Refusing to be comforted, because they are no more !

"Put an end to him!"

© 2001 Sheila Hamil