Small voice

Artwork: Cynthia Richardson

In this song we discover Elijah all alone, and in big trouble with King Ahab and Queen Jezebel.

There is a warrant out for his capture, and they want him dead, not alive. He very nearly gives up his struggle, but an angel feeds him.

He eventually reaches Mount Horeb, and hides there in a cave.

It’s good to know that God has not deserted Elijah; God speaks to him in the cave, asking him why he is there.

  • Have you ever feel like hiding away for some reason?

  • Have you ever felt like giving up something you’re good at?

  • Which people encourage you and help you?

  • Elijah hears four sounds, which can be found in verse 3 & 4 of the song, and in 1 Kings 19. 9-18. What are they? (a mighty wind, an earthquake, fire and a gentle breeze)

  • Which sound is the most powerful and why? (the gentle breeze, for in it he hears God’s voice telling what he must now do. )

This is where Elijah signs on three new members for his team. Who are they and what will be expected of them? (1 Kings 19vv15-18)

(Hazael to be king of Aram; Jehu as king of Israel; and Elisha as the prophet who will eventually take over from Elijah.)

25 A Still Small Voice: 1 Kings 19.11-13

(to the tune ‘Hey diddle diddle’)

Hey diddle diddle, caught up in the middle,

Elijah hid in a cave.

The king and his wife were

still after his life,

and Elijah no longer felt brave.

No! Elijah no longer felt brave.

Hey diddle li, Elijah replied,

that he was afraid to die.

God said, “Stand on the hill

don’t speak, just be still,

for the Lord is about to pass by.

Yes! For the Lord is about to pass by

Hey diddle dum, the prophet looked glum,

when a wild wind started to rave.

An earthquake or two,

some fire ripped through,

and Elijah no longer felt safe.

No! Elijah no longer felt safe.

Hey diddle doo, a breeze floated through,

so gently from God on its way.

Then a still small voice,

gave Elijah no choice.

He walked out to the mouth of the cave.

Yes! He knew that God must be obeyed.

© words Sheila Hamil 2011