Parable Of the Barren Fig Tree


The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree: Luke 13.6-9

Let me tell you a little story of a parable I know,

About a fig tree growing in a vineyard long ago.

No struggle for THIS seedling, no sweat, no scorch, no toil,

No rocky ground or desert sands, just rich and fertile soil.

Much was expected of that tree, it had been given much,

A life of privilege it led, in a land so firm and lush!

It grew out wonderfully wide, it grew up strong and big,

But gave no fruit, no none at all, it didn’t give a fig!

The owner of the fig tree couldn’t help but frown,

“No fruit once more upon this tree, I’m going to cut it down!”

“For three long years I’ve waited, while it’s used up all this space,

i'm running out of patience, I’ll grow something in its place!”

“Might I suggest," the gardener said, "cos’ I know you really care,

Let me tend it, dig around it, please leave it one more year!

And if somehow by next year, it's bearing fruit , that's fine.

But if it's not, I'll cut it down and then complete this rhyme."

I had a little fig tree,

Nothing would it bear,

Waited over three years,

But no figs grew there.

Then my servant pleaded,

“Give its care to me,

if in a year there’s still no fruit,

Then I'll cut down the tree! © S Hamil Feb 2013

Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead! James 2.17