John the Baptist

I’ve Come to Light That Candle

The Master Returns

There’s Plenty of Time

If I Were Not Upon the Stage

It’s Time to Get Ready

A New Heaven and a New Earth

I Never Knew You

The Ten Bridesmaids

Bill and Ben the Burglar Men


Angels In White

Round the Back

What Christmas Is Not

Christmas Photograph

The Gift Experience

Four Goats and a Community Tap Stand


I’ve Come To Light That Candle

The Story of Cinderella

The Christmas Story Musical Script

Making a Christmas Puppet

Surprise! Surprise!


The Journey of the Magi

Lent: (or Harvest)

Oi Be a Farmer

John the Baptist

Lent: The Temptationin the Wilderness

Farmer Tom and Farmer Ted

Mothering Sunday:

What is a Mum?

Mother, Mother I Feel Quite Ill


Shadow Drama ~ Palm Sunday

Shadow Drama ~ Good Friday

Shadow Drama ‘ Easter Sunday

Outside the Courthouse

Barabbas the Brigand

A Case of Mistaken Identity

A Deadly Stalemate

The Roman Centurion Speaks

Question Time ~ The Resurrection

Breakfast at Tiberias

Supper in the Upper

The High Priest Justifies Himself

The Easter Story Musical Script

Radio Jerusalem (Update)


Ten Striving Christians

One Hundred and Twenty Waiting Christians

We Don’t Speak the Lingo

Pentecost Interruptions

Beggars and Broth

Fire! Fire!

Pentecost and Alexa


Oi Be A Farmer

Harvest Exercises


Beggars and Broth

Little Miss Rich and Little Miss Poor

The Rich Fool ~ Harry Enfield

The Rich Fool ~ Catherine Tate

Dives and Lazarus

The Mr Men Make Poverty History

Mr Big and Mr Small

The Wind and The Sun

The Turner Prize

Harvest Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men

Farmer Tom and Farmer Ted

Saints Days:

Sinners and Saints


Ten Striving Christians

One Hundred and Twenty Waiting Christians

The Transfiguration:


The Transfiguration ~ Music and Movement

New Year

Happy New Year

A Brand New Team