Eliezer finds a wife for Isaac: Genesis 24.1-27 (to the tune ‘Shortnin’ Bread’ )

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Lyrics and Chords: G Intro: G / / / / / / / / / / / D / G : / / / /


“Lord are ya gonna help me to choose wisely?


Are ya gonna guide me, lead the way?

Tell me how on earth can someone like me,


make right choices for today?

Don’t let me let the side down; this is what I pray,


Let me find my master’s son, a bride today.”

“Go to my own country!” the master say,


“let God’s holy angel lead the way!” G / / / D / G

“Oh let me be successful, show me how it’s done

I so much want a bride for my master’s son.

Let her be beautiful, let her be wise

Let her be somebody, he won’t despise!

Now if she gives my camels drink, as well as me,

She might be the remedy!

Wait just a second I can see a girl come

She might be the bride for my master’s son.”

“Drink my Lord, and I’ll draw water for your camels too!”

“Yes this is the bride for my master’s son.”

And this is how Rebekah came to be,

part of Abraham’s family.

She married Isaac, Abraham’s son,

and in due course twin boys were born!

© words Sheila Hamil 2011