A soldier gets married

I heard recently by way of an advertisement on TV, that the worst time for a soldier is the waiting, and I’m sure that’s true; for R has had his watch carefully synchronised for this very moment, and zero hour is here…. at long last, for he and L are about to become husband and wife.

But that doesn’t mean to say that this is the moment that a new CO(Commanding Officer) will take charge, however bossy someone’s reputation L, but this is the moment a new company has been formed, a company at present of two, and hopefully in the future one or two newer and smaller recruits.

This is not the moment for thinking that from now on you must to jump to attention when the other one speaks, No! It’s about being permanently at ease in each other’s company, learning to love and be loved, to serve and be served, to support one another, and give support where and when needed.

It’s also a time for peacekeeping, something M knows all about.

This is not the moment for falling into line, where things becoming predictable, routine and uniform, and you end up in the (a) mess. No!

It is the time for new experiences together as a team, a unit, with a new kind of drill… that of imagination, excitement and romance.

First impressions:

I know that when L and R first met, they weren’t really enamoured of each other, not very impressed should I say?

To L, R was aloof, unsociable…the silent type…then all of a sudden a few years later, he was suddenly smart, friendly and talkative…now he’s become L’s, hero, her whole life, and she couldn’t do without him.

When R first met L, he thought she was ‘stuck up’, BUT then at a friend’s wedding, she was bright and friendly, her hair was longer, he thought she was gorgeous, and now he’s quite simply besotted with her, in fact, I hear he’d do anything for her. She has shown him a new way to live each moment to the full.

I warm very much to R, even though I met him for the first time last night, because I hear he’s been quite romantic in his pursuit of L. He even asked L’s dad’s permission to marry, which I think is really unusual in this day and age.

Thank goodness he thought twice about that and decided to marry L instead.

I don’t know what you’re laughing at L, so let’s tell everyone about you, and the fact when your mam first asked you if R would like to stay over, while he was up here, you replied you weren’t having a trained killer in your house.

Now you’re marrying him! I hope you’ve been saving up for a body guard now that he’s going to be permanent feature in your life!

Having heard all about L and R’s story of love, it rather reminds me of that old song by the Carpenter’s, I’m sure any golden oldies here will remember them…

‘Once I believed that when love came to me,

It would come with rockets, bells and poetry,

But with me and you,

It just started quietly and grew,

And it’s not hard to see that it isn’t half of what it’s gonna turn out to be…

And it’s getting better, growing stronger, warm and wilder

Getting better every day !

There’s a song for you to look up in the library archives back at the barracks.

What is happening here today, is more serious than knee drill today. This isn’t even a church parade, this is the moment you’ve both decided to go over the top, head over heels, together in love.

And God is here to bless you both. Two young people have entered this church, they will go out as one…

as Mr and Mrs M…

We all pray that this will be a very special day for you both, one you’ll always be able to look back on, but it’s just the beginning of an exciting expedition into the future, one of day time, (and night-time) manoeuvres and adventures, we pray you will both treasure each other forever.

So no cold feet, no about turns, no fall-outs; ‘Never let the sun go down your anger’, the bible says. Learn to talk things through! Never keep back what’s in your hearts for each other, and share even your worries and fears together, for only then are they halved and thus shared out;

Now it’s time to let your guard down for once and celebrate.

Finally I would like to impress upon you both the importance of the commitment you are making. Marriage was and is God’s idea, the greatest gift to people who are willing to work hard at it.

It won’t always be a bed of roses, you have to be realistic, but with true love at its heart, and a determination to hold fast to the promises you have each made toady, it cannot fail. Guard the gift well.

In our bible reading, which E read to us, Jesus says,

‘Abide in my love, I have said these things so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete’

Two threads of a rope are strong, but three even stronger. With God’s love joining your own, the bond between you is actually unbreakable’

I hope I’ve given you plenty of ammunition and food for thought, and may God bless you both abundantly, as you keep him in well in your sights.