The Great Blondin

faith in action

This drama was used at a recent family service, and linked with a reading from Matthew 14.22-33; the service was about putting faith into action


Imagine for a second, we are going to journey back into the past, to the year 1859; all the way to one of the most exciting events in the early history of North America.

Picture in your minds this scene at the Niagara Falls…

On this side, (stage right) we need some Canadians*, over there (stage left) we need to have some Americans* (actors enter),

Will you all get your voices ready to join in with these two crowds, yes indeed even you who are sitting in your nice soft seats, watching this in technicolour. Watch carefully, history is in the making before your very eyes this very day! (Put MC hat on)

MC: Roll up! Roll up!

Ladies and Gentlemen, mesdames and messieurs, you are about to witness the most daring… the most incredible act you might ever see in your lifetime.

We have with us that most celebrated high wire artiste from France; first man ever to attempt to cross this gorge here at the Niagara Falls ~ on a tight-rope, yes ladies and gentlemen on a tight –rope, measuring 1,100 feet.

Please welcome this most extraordinary man of courage about to perform this dare devil feat… the indomitable, the enthralling, the amazing…the Great Blondin. (enter Blondin in white tights and swimming costume: crowds cheer)

(take MC hat off)

Narrator: Blondin emerged to rapturous applause. He picked up the balancing rod, and everyone watched him with bated breath as he stepped cautiously onto the rope.


The spectators on each side of the gorge, were nervous, and their ooo’s and the aaaagh’s could be heard on the breath of the wind. He even did a backward somersault as he neared the Canadian side. (Actor shakes his head and looks doubtful) I think we’re just going to have to imagine that!

But to everyone’s delight, he made it.

The crowds cheered wildly.(cheers)

But that was not enough to satisfy Blondin. To everyone’s amazement he announced he would return across the tight-rope, this time pushing a wheelbarrow.

Once more the crowd willed him on, chanting in unison

‘Blondin, Blondin,(Blondin, Blondin)’ and once again, he made it to the far side. The people clapped their hands with all their might! (pause for applause)

But Blondin still had not finished. This time he placed a large sack of potatoes in the wheel barrow, (pause) I said a LARGE sack of potatoes in the wheel barrow! After what seemed an age, Blondin and his potatoes reached the safety of the other bank.

By this time the crowd were screaming with relief and anticipation.(screams)

One person with a very loud voice kept shouting. (woman shouts) ’Do it again! Do it again! *

Blondin turned to her and said, ‘Do you believe I can do it with a person in the wheel barrow?’ *

She shouted, ‘Yes Blondin, I believe, I believe!*

To which Blondin replied, ‘All right. . . YOU get in!’*

Needless to say, the woman took off and was never seen again.

(she hurries away, Blondin runs after her pushing the barrow)

You see she said she believed in Blondin, but she certainly didn’t have faith in him.