(Resource Pack 31) KEY STAGE 1 & 2

This assembly actually involves the cutting of a volunteers' tie.

Our attitudes affect other people.

Suitable music: Peace be to these Streets by Graham Kendrick from the CD: No More Walls


In this assembly, call out a male teacher or headmaster, (who has already been invited to wear the old tie under his V necked jumper, without the children knowing!) Obviously get permission first, and do let this teacher know what is in store. Some teachers may not want to participate, so plan well ahead and get willing volunteers! Have the scissors handy, and chat to the children about the following topics:-

1) What happens when chewing gum is thrown away or worse still stuck somewhere, say under a desk or table or chair.

2) What happens when a crisp packet paper is thrown onto the floor.

3) What happens when children graffitti on a wall or door or post.

4) When you single someone out, and say something nasty.

5) When you swear or use rude words.

After each topic ask what would happen if EVERYONE did these things, and use the catch line:-But you say to yourself,


At the same time cut the bottom of the tie off.

Keep tucking the tie back into the V neck of the jumper.

By the last cut the tie should only be a stump, and very obviously ruined and beyond repair. Thank the teacher and hand him back the bits of tie...and say,


Finish by explaining that in our prayers in church , we pray regularly for the community we live in, and for individual streets and all the people who live there.

Ask the children to join in the actions to ‘Peace be to these streets’, and sing along with the CD.

Have a hand mime ready to these very simple words, and sing along with the CD

Prayer: Heavenly Father, every single little thing we do has an affect on other people. This morning we think of our friends, our families and our neighbours who live in our streets.

We have the ability to make others happy, and we also have the ability to make others sad and angry. Help us choose the better way,

Your way.


READING: Matthew 5.14