I Never Knew You

Matthew 7.23 ~ Revelation 3.20

This is a drama I once saw at the City Hall, performed by Riding Lights of York. It had a profound effect on me and those who were with me. It went something like this:-:

A person enters and plays out three parts of his life, by miming

a) an adolescent coming in from school, switching on TV rather than homework

b) a person of business, just in from the station, exhausted, having a drink, relaxing, feet up

c) an elderly person, looking for slippers, newspaper, teeth into cup

In between each ;-

Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in.

(Rev 3.20)

Each time the main character ignores the knock.

The final scene is when the person clutches his/her chest and dies.

A cleaning lady comes in with a sweeping brush, and says,

'Eh by gum he's/she's dead. (and goes out)

The main character stands up and realises that they have 'passed on'. They see a door , the same door that the knock was heard on.

He /she ventures towards it and knocks...and waits, knocks again and shouts. 'Hello can anyone hear me knocking/ will you let me in?'

A loud voice replies,

'Away from me, I never knew you.'(Matthew 7.23)

The main character walks off looking distressed.