Song of Ruth

Artwork : Beacon Hill School Pupils

Ruth in the story of this song is about to make an important decision.

Does she go back home to Moab now that her husband has died?

Or does she stay and look after her widowed mother-in-law, Naomi, who is about to make a long journey back to her own home town, Bethlehem?

She decides to remain faithful and protect her mother-in-law!

God leads them both back home, and into the protection of a relative called Boaz, who takes care of them both.

Ruth eventually becomes his wife, and later still, the great-grandmother of King David, who was an ancestor of Jesus.

· So here we have Ruth and Boaz. How many more famous couples can you name from the Bible or from history? Ask your family and friends to help you.

· Ruth’s faithfulness to Naomi was well rewarded by God. How do YOU show your parents you love them and care for them?

· Which elderly people do you care for? Do a character study about one of them

· Draw pictures of the main characters in this story.

18 Song of Ruth : Ruth 1.1-18

(to the tune ‘We have camp-fired here’)

My place is here,

right by your side.

Don’t make me go,

here I will abide.

Where you go, I’ll go, (echo)

where you stay, I’ll stay. (echo)

Your people mine, (echo)

your God, my way. (echo)

And I’ll love you, (echo)

till the very end. (echo)

Only death shall part us, (echo)

My one true friend. (echo)

(Repeat last two choruses)

© words Sheila Hamil 2011