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Complacency From the album, ‘Stir into Flame’

When people say that all Christians are hypocrites, I just say to them, “Well one more won’t make a difference if you want to join us?”

We can all fall short, and we can fool ourselves into thinking we live good lives, can’t we? But God is not fooled.

Intro: 2C . . .

2C F G C

How shallow we be, complacent are we; no oneness of mind, bad tempered, unkind,


sweet smiles and all show; all talk and ‘no go’, got a lifetime ahead and there’s a book to be read,

C A7

and it’s time for our bed.

2D G A D

How shallow we be, complacent are we, no purpose, no hope, no vision, no scope.


There’s no urgency; 'cos we’re watching TV, and there’s plenty of time, we are running the line,

D B7

and we’re all doing fine.

E A B7 E

How shallow we be, complacent are we; keep your distance, don’t shout. ‘Fanatic Christians’ are out!

A E B7

Don’t stand up and fight, it’s not decent or right, and there’s no need to tell, about heaven and hell,


People know it so well.

B7 E A

For we don’t want to bother,

B7 E A

Let someone else, let some other,

B7 E A

Let them sing it in rhyme,

B7 E A E (B7 E)

For we’ve run out of . . . .time.

(Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick)

©1984 Sheila Hamil