King Saul: Run David Run

Artwork: Sheila Hamil

Imagine you are Saul, King of Israel.

In your time as king, you have been popular, victorious in battles, and faithful, but sadly now you have made some careless decisions and you sense that God is no longer pleased with you.

The prophet Samuel has told you that you are are no longer fit to be a king, and that God will replace you with a king after his own heart.

Then you become more aware of someone in your palace, a boy called David, who is growing more and more popular.

Because of his courage and character, you find he is eclipsing* you and members of your family. He is everything a king ought to be; handsome, strong, brave.

He and your son Jonathan are best friends. You become so jealous of David that you want him out of the way.

You give him dangerous tasks to do, hoping to get rid of him, but they bring him even more success and fame instead.

David was a faithful servant to Saul, and was no threat at all so . . . how might this story have worked out if Saul had not been jealous but supportive of David?

  • Rewrite any part of their story with Saul in a more fatherly role, with David as a much-loved son.

  • What kind of people makes you feel jealous? How might you change in your feelings towards them?

  • Why is the word *eclipsing chosen here? (look it up)

Make a collection of facial expressions. Which ones are the most unpleasant, and why?

21 King Saul: Run David Run: 1 Samuel 18.6-9

(to the tune ‘Run rabbit run’)

Run David, Run David,

run run run!

Saul the King is mad

and he is no more fun.

You’ll get by

despite his jealous eye.

So run David, run David,

run, run, run.

Saul as a king

used to be a dear!

But very soon he was

filled with fear!

Played the fool,

began to disobey.

So now as a King

he has had his day!

Once David pleased him,

with his victories won.

Loved him as much

as Jonathan his son.

Raised him high,

but as the time went by,

Saul turned against him,

and I’ll tell you why.

“David has killed many men

and Saul so very few!”

Saul heard the people shout,

and so his anger grew.

Sent him to die

in battles far away.

The more David won,

louder the hurrahs”

repeat verse 1

© words Sheila Hamil 2011