Heaven and Earth

(Resource Pack 12) KEY STAGE 1, 2 & 3

VISUAL AIDS:HEAVEN AND EARTH’ Unseen by the Naked Eye by D Mallin Phaidon Press: and instruments, which magnify. Such as a magnifying glass, binoculars, telescope, microscope.

The illustrations in this marvellous book show our wonderful universe.

Show scenes of earthrise and our planet from outer space, then, show where we are from Outer Space from a picture of our world)

In order to see outer space from here, which instrument would we need to use? Yes a powerful telescope.

If I needed to see you at a distance which instrument would I use? Yes …binoculars.

If I wanted something small, like an insect, what would I use? Yes, a magnifying glass.

But there are some wonderful things that we can’t see at all with the human eye, unless we use a powerful one of these. What is this instrument called? Yes a microscope.

My book today, shows many pictures of objects taken with a special microscope,

called an electron microscope; things never seen before with the human eye, and they are beautiful…

Let’s look at a few of them.

Look carefully at the patterns and especially the colour.

Show examples of the hair, skin, the inner ear, eyelashes, a moth’s wing, an eggshell, lime scale etc.,

Increase in the children this sense of awe and wonder, by asking…

Why should these colours be so beautiful?

Why should this pattern be so perfect?

Why should this design be so colourful?

Look at the eggshell, if the walls were not porous, the chicken would not be able to breathe…

Look at this, the fur inside a kettle, what does it remind you of?

Prayer: Let us thank God today, for making us who we are; let’s thank Him for all the beauty around about us that we CAN see, but let us thank him especially today, for the wonderful things which he has made that we cannot even see with our eyes.

O Lord all that you have made is good, and we praise you. Amen