John the Baptist

Mark 1.1-12

This can be an Advent address for children/ an Advent story told with props and mime/ An Advent Story (puppets and mime)

Make up a story based on the following words to explain Advent, and end the story with the words at the bottom of the page

When you hear the words...John the Baptist (all shout REPENT!!!!) + PUPPET

desert(^^^^^^^^^^flutter hands)

sins (wiggle forefinger and say '''ah! ah! ah!'

locusts (a little scream)

wild honey (rub tummy and say 'yum-yum')

water (slurp and wipe mouth)

Holy Spirit (mime flapping bird)

River Jordan (sing Swing low Sweet chariot + verse about 'I looked over Jordan))

Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist ( all shout Bless you!) + PUPPET

Mary + PUPPET (all shout I am the Lord's servant!)

Complete the story…and so one day Jesus will come again, our bible says,

Not to the river Jordan, but to the whole earth as judge, and he will want to know if we have loved God with all our heart... and our neighbour as ourselves.

Not if we've been eating wild honey or locusts,

Not whether we've had a bath in water

But whether we're clean on the inside.

If today we say ‘Sorry,’ he takes away our sins.

Hopefully like Mary,

we will be able to say,

'I am the Lord's servant'.