Barabbas the Brigand

8 Barabbas the Brigand (John 18. 33-40)

* * * *Now Pilate went back to the Prae-tor-ium

And he said to his men, “Tell Jesus to come!”

And he asked him straight was he king of the Jews,

And Jesus replied, “Do you have any clues?

Do you ask me this of your own accord?

Have others spoken to you, do they call me Lord?”

* * * *

Pilate was shocked and said,”Am I a Jew?

This MY question, and I’m talking to you,

Your people disown you now, what have you done?”

“My kingdom’s not here, it’s a kingdom to come!

* * * “Ah !

So you are a king?” said Pilate to him,

“Yes, yes,” Jesus said, ”Yes I am a king,

I came into the world the truth to bring,

And I’ve spoken the truth in my witnessing”

* * * *

Pilate turned to the crowd and said,“Here is your king!

And I’d like to say, I find no case against him.

Now it is the custom, and it’s yours not mine,

To release one prisoner at the Passover time!”

* * * *

“Which one of these men should I give to you?

Barabbas the brigand, or the King of the Jews?


“Let the King of the Jews be sent to the tree

Barabbas the brigand is the one to free

Give us Barabbas and there won’t be a fuss

Barabbas the brigand is the one for us

Barabbas the brigand is the one for us ! BARABBAS !”

© 1986 Sheila Hamil