Happy New Year

reporting in from all over the world!

If you've just joined us, here in the heart of London, you'll see the fun and frolics down there, where countless numbers of New Year revellers are jumping up and down in a hot, heaving mass, celebrating the New Year two thousand and ........ Look here, they’re cooling themselves off in the fountain! There’s fun, frolics and fireworks here! What a wild New Year this is!

Now we go to Edinburgh* to find our exactly what's going on up there!


Hello London! There's great excitement here in Edinburgh. As you can see, Edinburgh has never looked more beautiful. You can see far into the distance .. all the celebrations going on, with thousands of people braving the cold weather to join the festivities here. I am so thrilled with the splendid turn out. Everyone is having a ball here. You can see the castle lit up so beautifully behind me; we have fireworks too and the people are really making merry, or should I say they're VERY merry! and we would like to wish you back there in London, a very happy and prosperous New Year. Woooo Wooooo (cheers)

And now we join

(Travel to a few other major cities, with correct accents too, listen to comments, then join a city where there is famine with nothing to celebrate at all.)

Here in Rwanda.....