Driver sits on seat facing audience., and must mime every instruction, by simply turning the wheel. The SAT NAV is only a voice heard through a loudspeaker.

SAT NAV: At the end of the road turn right (pause)

At the end of the next road turn left (pause)

At the end of the road turn right (drivers mimes pulling in to the right hand side

of the road)

No, I meant right at the END of the road!

DRIVER: I’m just getting out for me newspaper. O.K?

SAT NAV: We don’t have much time, do hurry. (driver exits, collects newspaper and gets

back into his seat)

Recalculating. Drive on and turn right.

DRIVER: Keep it coming!

SAT NAV : (pause)After the roundabout take the first exit (pause)

After the roundabout, turn left and take the second exit onto the motorway

DRIVER : (takes out a Mars bar and is about to eat it.)

SAT NAV: Put that down, drivers should not be eating at the wheel. (he puts it away..pause)

Take the next exit. . . Take the next exit. TAKE THIS EXIT! You’re not paying

attention are you?

DRIVER: I want to go to city Central, not city west!

SAT NAV: Have it your own way. Recalculating.

DRIVER: It’s a nice day isn’t it?

SAT NAV: Irrelevant! Next exit. Take it or leave it!

DRIVER: Alright love!

SAT NAV: Now we’re getting somewhere! And don’t patronise me!

DRIVER: (mobile phone rings, driver begins to reach for it)

SAT NAV: Don’t even think about it! You’re not hands on. (pause)

After 0.2 miles go right onto the roundabout and take the third exit.

After this roundabout take the second exit, (pause) now cross to the next

roundabout and take the third exit.

DRIVER: I can’t rememeber all that!

SAT NAV: Then concentrate!

DRIVER: No it was your fault that time, you confused me.

SAT NAV: Recalculating. Let’s go back and start again! Go to the next roundabout and take

the fourth exit and head back to where you came from.

DRIVER: I’ll never get this right!

SAT NAV: Let’s make it easier for you.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a

voice saying, "This is the way; WALK IN IT." (Isaiah 30.21)

Or this quote . . .

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified;

do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."


© June 2010

This drama can lead into discussing the gentler prompting of the Holy Spirit, through our hearts and our consciences.

And if we follow what He says we won’t go far wrong. The Holy Spirit will never go against scripture, or give us evil things to do. He is polite and patient, and waits for us to listen. And there will come certain times when we realise we’re sometimes wrong, and we will know it, and we must be willing to do an about turn, and recalculate!