Parable of the Leaven


Parable of the Leaven: Luke 13:20-21

In the style of the nursery rhyme, what are little girls made of

(Jesus) said again, “How can I picture God’s kingdom?

It’s like yeast that a woman works into enough dough for three loaves of bread –

and waits while the dough rises: The Message

What are little loaves made of?

Strong flour for the dough, oh didn’t you know?

Warm water, live yeast, a half ounce at least,

Pinch of sugar, salt, fat, let’s leave it at that.

That’s what little loaves are made of!

The yeast makes it rise, so that’s no surprise,

Gives life to the dough, and makes the loaves grow,

Without that live yeast, there will be no feast!

That’s what little loaves are made of!

© S Hamil Jan 18th 2014

© Sheila Hamil Saturday 18th January 2014