Mene, Mene, Tekel Parsin: Daniel 5 (to the tune ‘Incy, wincy spider’’)

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Lyrics and Chords: 3G Intro: C / G / Am D G : G / / / D / G / / / /


King Belshazzar he held a feast


for a thousand guests or more.

Used the temple goblets,

Am D G

breaking holy law.


Made of gold and silver;

Am D G

praised idols in the hall,

t’was then a ghostly hand


came writing on the wall. C / G / Am D G : G / / / D / G / / / /

King Belshazzar grew pale,

and his knees began to knock.

His little legs gave way, ‘cos

he’d had a nasty shock.

No-one there could understand

the meaning of those words.

So Daniel translated them

and this is what they heard:

‘Mene, mene Tekel Parsin’,

sadly you’ve been weighed.

You have been found wanting,

and numbered are your days!

Your kingdom is divided

And given to your foes!”

The king, he died that very night,

that’s how the story goes!

Repeat verse 3

© words Sheila Hamil 2012