Amazing Love


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Lyrics and chords

2. An amazing love

I suddenly realised one day that God actually loved ME!

I had always understood this to be so in my head, but never realised it in my heart!

He loves you too.

(C Am F G / C Am F G) x2

C Am

Never before in my wildest dreams

Dm G7

Did I ever believe I could be loved liked this,

F Am

For years I’ve hoped and I’ve longed and prayed

D G7

Yet I’ve never really known till now


For I’ve suddenly come to realise

G7 C

The truth has broken free


Like a lightning flash,


Like a thunder crash,

D G7

Like the sun erupting from the sea,


An amazing love loves me. (C Am F G/ C Am FG)

C Am

Like a shooting star in a clear night sky,


Your love was so close yet oh so far away,

F Am

Would it just disappear? Was it real? Were you near?

D G7

Yet faith was just a step away, For_

C Am

Love seemed just like a fairy tale

Dm G7

Unconditional love so hard to comprehend,

F Am

In my mind I believed, yet my heart was deceived,

D G7

Cos I’ve never really known till now. For_

©1991 Sheila Hamil