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Lyrics and chords

5 Not My Will, But Yours (Mark 14. 32-36)

Bm A Bm

Bm Em F#

“O Lord why is it me? Why does it have to be me?

Bm Em F#

Why not ,take this cup from me? Why kill your son, your life?


Em F# Em F#

Not my will but yours, Not my will but yours,

Em F# Bm

O Lord not my will, but yours!

Bm Em F#

O will you stay awake, and keep me company?

Bm Em F#

My life will disappear, where is it I must go?

Bm Em F#

The garden is so still,the hour is so near,

Bm Em F#

And I am so distressed, my soul is filled with fear !”

© 1998 Sheila Hamil