John 3.1-21 ~ ‘Born again’

Betty dressed as a butterfly flits in, pretends to land upon a leaf, and she recognises a close relative, Kate who is dressed as a caterpillar

Betty: Hi Kate Caterpillar, don’t you know me? It’s Betty Butterfly, your cousin!

Kate: I don’t believe it! Betty is that really you? You used to look so grubby and now you look almost psychedelic. Like the gear! Wicked! Where did you get the outfit?

Betty: You’re not going to believe this Kate, but I’ve had what you call a religious experience… I’ve been born all over again!

Kate: C’mon Betty you don’t expect me to swallow that one do you? I think you’re pulling my leg, and the other one, and the other one, and the other one, etc.

Betty: No, hear me out, I’ve seen mountains, forests, rivers, valleys, with my own eyes. It’s as though I’m seeing the world for the first time as it really is!

Kate: I’ll have to chew on this one…… OK, go and bring me one of your mountains, or one of your rivers and then put it on my leaf, and then I’ll believe you.

Betty: But they are far too big, it’s an impossible task that you’re asking!

Kate: Well you’ve got to be on your nettle these days, you can be taken in by anyone. Unless I see it for myself Betty, I will not believe you.

Betty: But you’ve got to believe me, I’m telling the truth!

Kate: Look, this leaf is all I want in life. I don’t like change. I don’t need anyone to ‘rock my leaf’. Can’t you see I’m happy? I want a nice, easy, uneventful life. Everybody thinks as I do. Look at them all munching away. (points to audience).

Betty: Exactly, just look at them! You have it in you, rise above all this. Won’t you try?

Kate: You’re bugging me Betty. I must make up my own mind. Don’t pressure me, ‘cause I won’t tolerate any pressure, not from the right wing or the left! So flutter off!

Betty: But it’s so wonderful Kate, I so much felt I had to share this with you. I’m your friend as well as your cousin.

Kate: Oh I know! But I’m afraid of where all this would take me. What would be expected of me if I did change? Look at Chris Alice, she tried it and now she’s in prison, and they don’t know when she’ll get out!

Betty: But there’s more to be afraid of here on this leaf! You could be gobbled up by a bird before you even know what life is all about!

Kate: Oh, you’ve really upset me now. Go away, you creep!

Betty: O.K. I understand. I must fly now in any case.

Kate: Good-bye!

Betty: OH NO! LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU! (Kate is eaten by a bird)

John 3:3 no-one can see the Kingdom of God without being born again from above