Harvest Exercises

Galatians 5: 22-26

(The idea for this drama arose at one of the North East Ordination Course summer schools, at a fun concert evening. One sketch was on the theme of ‘occupations’ and each new character not only had lines to say, but had intricate, interlinking movements to do, which had to be very precisely timed; such as sweeping the arms wide and narrowly missing someone who has just bent down to touch their toes. Careful choreography is necessary. One false move could cause chaos as it affects the whole group. Everyone had to concentrate, or it meant a blow to the head or shin etc. Those movements are drawn roughly below. I simply used the actions and set them to a harvest theme. Warning: proceed with great care!)

Narrator: The HARVEST of our sinfulness finds evil seed are sown

They spread and they will flourish wherever they are blown.

Bullying: Stop, I want a word with you, Now give me all your money (x2, words and action)

(e.g. right hand thrusts forward on the word 'Stop', same hand points back to chest on the word 'Word'; the left hand sweeps to the left on the word 'Give'.)

Lying: No-one else in all the world, can tell a lie like me

(x4, bully joins in with his/her lines on x2)

Theft: I’ll just steal this, I’ll just take that, and hope that you don’t see

(x6, liar joins in after x2, bully after x4)

Selfishness: There’s only one important person, here and now, it’s me

(x8, thief joins in after x2, liar after x4, bully after x6)

Vanity: Look at me, oh look at me, aren’t I a pretty thing?

(x10; selfish person after x2, thief after x4, liar after x6 and bully after x8)

Narrator: A different seed needs to be sown

Another crop it’s clear

God’s spirit brings a different fruit

A better HARVEST near……