A Marriage Service for Children

(Resource Pack 78 ) KEY STAGE 1

VISUAL AID: The Marriage Pack: veil, rings, flowers, dresses and buttonholes.

At a recent school visit, some four/five year olds took part in a special Marriage service. They got dressed up, and Wedding Marches were played, and some really lovely photographs were taken by the teachers for their ‘Visiting a Church wall project. Here are the scripts which I used, in order to give the children a simple understanding of what takes place at such services.

(Music and in up the aisle. Groom/best man, parents, bridesmaids all in place)

Marriage is something very special: a gift from God.

If anyone knows a reason why these two people should not get married, (APART FROM THE FACT THEY ARE ONLY 4 YEARS OLD) please say so now!

N will you take N to be your wife and love her, and only her, always?

I will.

N will you take N to be your husband and love him, and only him, always?

I will.

Will everyone here see to it, that they do?


(Now please join hands, and N say after me,)

I N take you N to be my wife

I N take you to be my husband

N I give you this ring as a sign of our never ending love.

All that I am I give you

All that I am I share with you


In the presence of God (IF THESE TWO WERE REALLY GETTING MARRIED) I would now say to them, that they are husband and wife… Let no-one split them up!

Congratulations. PRAYER (Music and out)