Sinners and Saints

(This drama was written for a Saints Day Ecumenical service and was designed to illustrate the fact that men and women who brought the gospel to us were ordinary people just like us. Characters come up the aisle and knock at the entrance to the chancel where the “party” is taking place.)

Narrator: James, John you’re both early for the party.

James &John: Yes we’ve come to get the best seats first, together if possible.

Narrator: Typical! (enter Zaccheus )Zaccheus, welcome….You’ve grown a bit. (He kneels to make himself smaller) Ah that’s more like the Zaccheus I know. Come on in!

Zaccheus: How many people are coming to this party? It seems like a grand building, how do you manage the upkeep of it? Heating, quota? How many are there in this congregation? Are they all wage earners? What kind of tax bracket are they in?

Narrator: I haven’t got a clue, just come in and enjoy the party.

Zaccheus: Are you charging people entry fees? What’s your cut? What will you get out of it?

Narrator: Zaccheus IN! Go and enjoy yourself.

Narrator: Come in, you must be Peter. Where’s Jesus?

Peter :I haven’t a clue.

Narrator: But he was with you. He was supposed to be coming with you?

Peter: Not with me. I don’t know the man.

Narrator: But surely you know who I’m talking about, don’t you?

Peter: No, I’ve never even heard of him!

Narrator: That’s strange.

Narrator: Ah Thomas, come in you’re going to have a great time at this party.

Thomas: I doubt it.

Narrator: Andrew said he was coming with the food.

Thomas: He’ll probably not turn up.

Narrator: Oh yes, he said he’d be here.

Thomas: I’ll believe that when I see it.

Narrator: Well, go in and enjoy yourself.

Thomas: Hmmmmppphh!

Narrator: Don’t tell me, let me guess… Mary…. Mary Magdalene? (She flutters her eyelashes at him) I’m pleased that you’re here!

Mary: And so am I.

Narrator: Now Mary make sure that you behave yourself.

Mary: Spoilsport.

Narrator: I see that you’ve brought someone with you?

Mary: Yes, this is my friend Salome, she’s a fabulous dancer! Is there a disco?

Narrator: Yes, it’ll be here soon, go on in. (They’ll have my head on a plate those two).

Narrator: LEGION! Pleased you could make it, I see you’re on your own?

Legion: No we’re all here!!!!! Ha! Ha!

Narrator: Leave your chains outside and go in and enjoy 'yourselves'.(Legion goes in, enjoying a conversation with himself)

Narrator: Nicodemus? Whatever’s the matter? I hardly recognised you! Is there something wrong? Is someone after you?

Nicodemus: Ssshhh! People will hear you! (looks around furtively) Is Jesus here yet?

Narrator: No, not yet but go in. He won’t be long.

Narrator: Andrew, you’ve come at last! We’ve been waiting for you. What have you brought for the buffet?

Andrew: Five loaves and two fishes.

Narrator: Well that won’t be enough to go around! But still Jesus will sort that out when He comes.

Andrew: I hope he’ll sort EVERYTHING out!

Narrator: Yes officer, what can I do for you?

Policeman: A young boy tells me someone ‘as taken ‘is packed lunch away from ‘im. Hi’d like to come in, hif I may and question heverybody. ……’e was seen entering these ‘ere premises.

Narrator: Certainly officer, do come hin, I mean in (grimaces)

All party goers (including the Narrator) move out surreptitiously, as the police constable moves in and they all disappear back to their seats, leaving Andrew deserted.

Andrew is arrested and led off down the aisle.

Someone once said, ‘A saint is not someone who never fails, a saint is someone who gets up and goes on every time he does fail!’

We all have fallen short! Everyone! The disciples on their journey of faith were no different.