(Resource Pack 11) KEY STAGE 1&2

VISUAL AID: Spotted magic bag & rolled up newspapaper

These bags and Roy’s script can be obtained from

First place the handkerchief with the holes in the secret spotted compartment of the magic bag, and the spotted handkerchief in your own pocket.

Invite one small child out and give them a rolled up newspaper.

First ask the child to look inside and see if anything is in the bag.

(Show them the empty compartment, and even turn the bag inside out)

Take out the spotted handkerchief in your pocket…now ask if it reminds them of anything….

They might say, spots, chicken pox, measles, leprosy etc.,

There are diseases which can spoil our lives…but the worst of all, is what the bible calls SIN.

Wrong things which spoil our lives are called sins: such as stealing, lying, fighting, murdering etc

( point to each spot)

Then allow the child to actually hit the bag, and then take out the handkerchief with the holes, which is hidden inside the secret pocket.

We may be able to knock spots off a handkerchief, but it’s much more difficult to remove our sins.

But there is a way.

God chose to send his own son Jesus into the world, to show us the best way to live. He was a wonderful example to everyone, but there were those who were against what he stood for, and they crucified Jesus.

But in God’s word we learn that there was only one who would be able to remove our sins from us, and that was through his death, this was Jesus.

And the blood he shed for our sakes, is the only thing that can wash our sins away. This is why the bag is RED, to remind us of that.

So Christians believe, that when we ask God’s forgiveness for the wrong things we do, we are made clean by the blood of Jesus.

Let’s look inside the bag and see where the spots are now! On the inside!