with And Capp and Florrie

In human tragedy, we sometimes see mere numbers in our newspapers and not real people…that is not until it hits us closer to home

It's time to care and make a difference.

Two people, looking rather like Andy Capp and his wife Florrie, sit by the fire reading, both looking really comfortable.

Florrie: (with newspaper) 150,OOO die in killer waves, isn't that terrible? (turns page to other articles)

Andy: Is that right? And here's an article where over a hundred young people have died in a nightclub fire! Isn't that dreadful? (turn pages to other articles.)

Florrie: 5 million people are without food and shelter at this very moment! That's shocking!(stretches)

Andy: Flash floods are driving tens of thousands of refugees out of their shelters! (Yawns)

Florrie: Hang on a sec... there's something here about Mary!

Andy: Mary who?

Florrie: Jones, Mary Jones from down our way!

Andy: Not Mary Jones, the neighbour from round the corner?

Florrie: Yes the same one! She's over there now, but on her way home. She twisted her ankle!

Andy: Oh good Lord!

Florrie: Quick, Actions Stations, we've got to do all we can to help her!

Both run out, getting into a real panic, trying to find keys, bandages, blankets, get well card!

Why is it we don’t get this worked up, by the plight of our brothers and sisters around the world?