Giving It All To You


1 Jeremiah's Song

Jeremiah, is called to alert God's people to a monumental crisis, but will he respond?

©1992 Sheila Hamil

2 Fly free

I wrote this when I suddenly realized that my teenage son had become a man!

©1992 Sheila Hamil

3 The Quarrel

In every marriage there is some kind of conflict, at one time or another. Will the couple in this song manage to communicate with one another? They obviously care for one another, but can they express it? There's a lot at stake here ~ a whole family's future.

©1992 Sheila Hamil: arrangement Pete Scott

4 The Wall Song

What is to be done when someone's whole life falls apart, and their foundations crumble?

Will they build walls, or let friends in; but more importantly will they keep their faith in God?

©1992 Sheila Hamil

5 From this moment on

A song, which is rather like a prayer of commitment in which a person finally surrenders to God, and puts his/her life in His hands.

©1992 Sheila Hamil

6 It's never too late

It's never too late for someone to come to faith in God, and make a complete about turn.

Look at the thief on the cross, who in the last minutes of his life was restored and forgiven.

©1992 Sheila Hami

7 Teach me to serve thee

I have always loved this prayer, and I am still struggling to live it out, as I imagine you are too!

Words: St Ignatius Loyola

Music; ©1992 Sheila Hamil

8 Giving it all to you

What happens when you're disappointed in life, and you feel God has not heard your prayers?

Keep trusting, keep hoping! Don't give up.

©1992 Sheila Hamil

9 Wounded healer

This was written for a friend in trouble, and I just didn't know how to help her or how to convince her how much she was loved by God.

©1992 Sheila Hamil

10 Lullaby

The tune of this song came first, rather than the words, as I sat at the piano grieving over the murder of a young girl, a former pupil of mine. Through prayer I received a mental picture of a child held in God's arms. I knew she had found peace in Him.

©1992 Sheila Hamil

11 Father forgive them (Luke 23.34)

'Father, forgive them…' words which Jesus uttered on the cross, praying them fervently with his dying breath; a blessing on those who were tormenting him. Oh for a love like his!

©1992 Sheila Hamil

12 I am the Way (John 14.5-7)

This song came as a response to a questionnaire I gave out to my R.E. class. One question asked, 'What are you most afraid of?' Most of them wrote down, 'The Future!'

©1992 Sheila Hamil

13 The throne of heaven (Revelation 4.2-11)

For me, the most inspiring vision in the whole of the bible… a kingdom to come!

©1992 Sheila Hamil

14 You will go out with joy (Isaiah 55.12-13)

A beautiful promise from the book of Isaiah, a promise for those who go out as God's messenger, filled with his love and peace. They will be provided for.

©1992 Sheila Hamil