Forgiveness (Washed Clean)

Forgiveness: (5) KEY STAGE 1&2

VISUAL AID: A white teddy or lamb; a small amount of iodine & some sodium thiosulphate solution & a large dish of water.

Ask a chemistry teacher to let you borrow these last few items, and USE WITH CARE!

OR purchase a MAGIC SLATE from a toy shop, and fit this into the talk instead.

We have all done things that are wrong, and we're not as good as we should be!

Take this teddy for example! (Place a little iodine onto the toy)

Teddy has been very naughty… this mess is called sin; he is now very messy and no matter how hard he

tries he cannot get clean (Try washing with water)

This makes the things even worse! When we lie or steal or cheat, we get ourselves into more trouble just

trying to cover up what we’ve done.

What does God really want, for us do you think?

He loves us no matter what we do, but that doesn't mean to say that he approves of what we do? He loves

us too much to leave us as we are. He wants us to get the most out of our lives.

We so easily hurt others, with our thoughtlessness, selfishness and our greed.

God wants us to come clean, to be sorry for what we’ve done wrong, and live a good life!

It's then that we receive his ‘forgiveness’.

(Hold up the bottle of water mixed with sodium thiosulphate ; it should be labelled FORGIVENESS;

Once Teddy is dipped in the solution he will come out spotlessly clean in seconds!

Add the FORGIVENESS SOLUTION to the water and see how clean the teddy is.