Let him go Levite woman: Exodus Chapter 1. 22 to Chapter 2. 1-4 (to the tune ‘She’ll be coming round the mountains’)

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Lyrics and Chords:1st capo C Intro: C / G / C / F C


And she placed him on the waters of the Nile,


in a basket placed her living, breathing child.

C C7 F

With tar and pitch she coated it, to keep out winds that blow,


and protect him from the currents down below.

Let him go Levite woman let him go.

God will keep him safe wherever, don’t you know?

For he has a plan to save him, and through him, those who’ll go with him.

Let him go Levite woman let him go. C / G / C / F C

T’was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do.

Her heart was breaking, tearing clean in two.

She had given up her boy child, her own dear flesh and blood,

to the dangers of the river and the mud.


Pharaoh ruled that little Hebrew boys must die.

So she hid him in the reeds that stood up high,

and perhaps because she couldn’t bear her grieving any more,

her daughter kept a lookout on the shore.


He’ll be safe from Pharaoh’s soldiers after all!

© words Sheila Hamil 2011