Daniel was a Man of Prayer

Artwork: Chillingham Road Primary School Pupils

Daniel and some other young men from the noble families of Israel had been chosen to serve the king because of their good looks and intelligence.

But they kept to their own beliefs and rather than eat the king’s food. They had decided to eat only vegetables, and had become fitter as a result.

They were devout men who prayed to God each day.

Daniel translated an important dream for King Nebuchadnezzar, and so was made his chief adviser, but Daniel’s enemies were jealous, so they used his habit of prayer against him.

They set a trap whereby the king would be forced into condemning to death all those who prayed.

Daniel was therefore arrested and thrown into a lion’s den. However, an angel of God protected him and saved him.

Daniel went on to serve other kings of Babylon, right through to Cyrus when the Persians became the world power.

What lessons do we learn here?

Why was the king delighted to see Daniel emerge alive from the lion’s den?

Why was he so trusted by so many kings?

What do you admire most about Daniel?

Conduct a survey to find out how many people you know, actually pray, asking questions such as ‘where do you pray, how often and when?’

In moments of crisis he always turned to God first in prayer for wisdom and understanding, and how best to act.

What do you do when a crisis occurs?

45 Daniel was a Man of Prayer: Daniel 6

(to the tune: ‘London Bridge is falling down’)

Daniel was a man of prayer.

He prayed here, he prayed there;

prayed about just anywhere,

despite those who opposed him.

Darius was the king back then,

appointed many serving men.

He promoted one of them;

he admired Daniel

Jealous servants told the king,

all should worship only him.

They knew this law would be a sin

for poor Daniel

The wicked servants got their way,

just like hawks, watched each day.

Arrested Daniel straight away

when they caught him praying.

The law could not be changed by then,

so these scheming gentlemen,

threw him in a lions’ den.

This is what they wanted.

The king was sad, that he’d agreed

Daniel should be lion feed!

So next morning ran with speed,

to see if he was living.

“An angel sealed the lions’ jaws!”

cried Daniel, “King, I’m truly yours!”

So into the den instead,

went those who had opposed him.

© words Sheila Hamil 2011