Good old Buttons

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As a child. I always felt sorry for poor Cinders, when she was banned from the kitchen, and was not allowed to show her face about the house, unless of course someone needed her to run around after them.

In the light of recent news headlines, I’ve felt that this is what has been happening to Jesus in relation to Christmas.


. . . all in the name of not wanting to offend members of other faiths, when really those members of other faiths have not minded our important festivals at all. They too have their own festivals.

So we now have Winter festivals not Christmas festivals…museums beginning to use a different dating systems rejecting BC and replacing it with CE

Jesus, just like Cinderella was banished to the kitchens, seems is in danger of being sidelined, or even forever banned from the main picture.

JUST IMAGINE, IT ALWAYS BEONG WINTER AND NEVER CHRISTMAS..I wonder if anyone knows who said that famous line, and which famous story it appears in?

As a Christian, I can’t imagine Christmas without a Christ.

A world without its Saviour.

He was a sign for us to follow and he calls us to be signs to,

that we may lead others to walk in the light rather than darkness.

We’ve all heard this story of Cinderella as children I’m sure, or we’ve seen it at the pantomime.

I wonder which character would be your favourite?

None of these, it’s Buttons for me!

In the story when everyone was silent when the prince asked ‘Is there anyone else in the house who would like to try on the slipper. He was the only one who spoke up and said, Yes Cinderella would like to try it on. She’s downstairs, locked away in the kitchen.

He defied those who had banned her, and he made her known.

And so we must act as signs today.

Just as Jesus was a sign himself to the shepherds, a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger,

so too we must lead the way and be a sign to others.