Parable of the Importunate Neighbour


Parable of the Importunate Neighbour: Luke 11. 5-8

Imagine if you will, even though the night is still ,

Your friend knocking at your door,

You can’t bear it any more.

What a bore!

And there’s very little light, it’s the middle of the night

And you hear him ask for bread,

for a guest who must be fed.

You wish instead!

That they would go away, come back the following day.

So you cry, “Don’t bother me,

do not wake my family.”

But you see.

You do as he insists, because this friend persists,

You get up in the end,

lest you’re driven round the bend!

You comprehend?

You comprehend?

You comprehend?

© Sheila Hamil Tuesday 4th February 2014