Abraham and Isaac

Artwork: Battlehill Primary School Pupils

It is only when we have listened to this story all the way through, that we begin to understand that it was never God’s intention for Abraham to kill his son, Isaac.

Abraham’s obedience and loyalty was being tested.

Question for children:

  • Who or what do you treasure most? Make a list . . . who or what is at the top of your list?

  • What does the tear in Abraham’s eye say to you in this picture?

  • Look up John 3. 16 to find another story of a son being sacrificed. What reason is given for the Father allowing this to happen?

What does obedience mean? (to do what is asked of you)

Is it always right to do as we are told?

When is it right to say, “No”?

Think of a good newspaper headline for this story, and write it up using your own words; dress up as the characters and take a photo for your newspaper article.

6 Abraham and Isaac: Genesis 22

(to the tune ‘Dance to your daddy’)

Abraham was tested, oh so sorely tested,

he’d just got a message, from the living God.

“Go down to Moriah, sacrifice your boy there!

Burn him as an offering, then report to me!”

Early the next morning, as the day was dawning,

saddled up his donkey, set off on his way.

Isaac travelled with him, trusting and unknowing.

‘Lamb for the burnt offering,’ Abraham looked grim.

“Come to your daddy, my little laddie,

Don’t think badly of me, I’ve a job to do!

He put him on an altar, and he didn’t falter

Raised his knife to slay him, then he heard a voice . . .

“Abraham don’t hurt him, lay no hand upon him

Now God knows you’re faithful, offered him your son.”

Now what takes the biscuit, from a nearby thicket,

Ab’ram found a ram there, offered it instead!

“Dance to your daddy, my little laddie,

God has saved us both now

I am dancing too!”

(instrumental & repeat last chorus)

© words Sheila Hamil 2012


Write a play about what was said between Abraham and Isaac

on their way back home.