The Parable of the Prodigal Son Drama

The Parable of the Prodigal Son Drama:

The prodigal son stands at the front of church between voices 1 & 2 who allow space for the son to walk between them, as he wavers in thought.

He steps forward each time he hears a positive comment, and hesitates and steps back every time he hears a negative comment.

The narrator stands in the pulpit. Towards the end of the drama he will hear the father’s voice on microphone coming from the back of the church or hall,

which is where the father will greet him.

Artwork: The Prodigal by Harry Lisgo

Narrator: You may recall how the prodigal son took his share of his father’s money and spent it all,

and how his so-called friends deserted him. His life went from bad to worse, so what will he do now?

Voice 1: Wait a minute, where are you going?

Son: (takes a few steps forward) Back home to see my father!

Voice 1: You can’t go waltzing in there expecting that everything will be all right, look at what you’ve

been up to. You’ve made nothing of your life so far. You don’t deserve to have such a kind

and loving father, you broke his heart when you left! (steps back and so on through the drama)

Voice 2: But look at him, he wants to say sorry.

Voice 1: No, believe me, he just wants a few home comforts then he’ll be off again, mark my words!

Voice 2: Aah give him a chance, his father will be delighted to see him, he’s been waiting and watching

for him for ages.

Voice 1: But can you imagine what everyone is going to say? His father might want him back, but will

everyone else? Imagine the looks on their faces when he walks into the room, what will they

be whispering behind his back?.

Voice 2: Well I don’t know. I think it takes a lot of courage to admit you’re wrong, to say you’re in

need. It takes a lot of courage to say sorry.

Voice 1: He’ll need all the courage he’s got when his brother gets his hands on him! He’s worked and

slaved on the farm for years, and hasn’t had a penny. Hasn’t let his father down once, solid,

firm, reliable, that’s what he is. Even if his father does forgive him, his brother won’t.

Voice 2: Yes, I suppose the odds are against him, the hardest part of the journey is the last few steps.

Voice1: Too high a mountain for him to climb!

Voice 2: We’ll see! Look there’s his dad!

Father: Son is that you?

Son: Dad? Dad!!!!!! (The father runs to his son and embraces him; how the son responds is up to the actor who plays the part!

Son: Dad I’m no longer fit to be called your son. I don’t deserve it!

Father: Sssssh! Welcome! Welcome home my precious son!

Voice 2: (to voice 1) Told you so!

(Voice 2 pulls a face) © Sheila Hamil