Trust and Courage (Walking on Water)

(Ask at reception for the prow of the boat 121/122) KEY STAGE 2 & 3

VISUAL AID: Cardboard ‘prow’ of boat...try a large empty wallpaper catalogue)

There’s a reading in the bible which goes something like this…

So Jesus said to his disciples,

‘Look you go on ahead, get in the boat and go across to the other side of the lake. I’ll follow you later. O.K. And off he went into the hills to pray, once the crowd had gone.

When evening came, Jesus looked out over the lake, and he could see the boat the disciple’s were in. It was being tossed about on the waves because the wind was against it.

We know that between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. Jesus went out to meet them, WALKING ON THE WATER!

The disciples got the shock of their lives. They thought it was a ghost! Well wouldn’t you?

They began yelling, ‘Aaaagh!’

Jesus said to them, ‘Don’t be afraid! It’s only me!

Peter said, ‘Lord if it’s really you, tell me to come to you on the water!

‘Come’ Jesus said.

Now you might think that’s very brave of Peter, but I think he was very nervous.

I wonder if he got out quickly, or hesitantly, I wonder if it took him ages to pluck up the courage.

I think it went like this:- Place boat in position.

(Act this out light-heartedly, with the prow of the boat in place. The sentences in italics represent the voice of Jesus.

Choose either a ‘voice’ from the back on microphone, or just disguise your own voice each time you say Jesus’s lines)

I’m coming Lord. (step out onto one foot)

Well come on then.

My foot is out of the boat, I’m coming.

OK so put your foot on the water.

It’s on the water! (place it on the floor)

No, put your weight on that foot, the water will hold you up.

EEEEH I don’t believe it! (press on that foot)

Now the other foot.

That’s not so easy Lord! (shake your head)

Yes it is, trust me, you’ll be fine. (put both feet out, but hold firmly to the boat.)

No I won’t!

Let go of the boat Peter,

Like this! (turn around, balance on one foot, but keep a toe on the side)

Good but your toe is still in the boat!

I’m frightened! (both feet down , outside the boat)

Don’t look down, keep your eyes on me!

But the water’s very deep Lord.

Walk Peter, keep walking, you’re doing it! (walk forward unsteadily)

Am I? AAAAGH! (look around and scream loudly )

Look at the wave, look at the wind, HEEEELLLPPP!

Look at me! I’m sinking! (you begin to sink slowly)

No you’re not. I’ve got a hold of you!

You need more faith Peter. Why did you doubt?

It’s good to be back in the boat Lord! Did I do O.K.?

Message for school leavers. Courage, you’ve got to let go!

Jesus has shown us the best way to live. Try to keep his rules for life, and you’ll be on the best road possible. His word will teach you and guide you in all you do.

Don’t look around and be frightened, trust in him.